Interior Design grant up for grabs

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Foundation has announced the second annual Interior Design Research Grant Programme, ‘Transform’, which focuses on applied research in interior design and human behaviour.

The programme will award three grants of up to $35,000 each. Research proposals from interior designers, scientists and educators on how interior design impacts human behaviour and well-being are being accepted until October 3, 2011.

“The Foundation’s research grant programme enables the profession to build a base of knowledge about how interior design impacts human behaviour and well-being,” said Judy Pickett, FASID, ASID Foundation chair.

“With this new and updated evidence-based research, designers are given relevant information that they are able to use with all clients in all areas of design. Nothing gets more powerful than that.”

Research proposals should demonstrate practical applications for both interior designers and their clients.

The ideal length of a project is one to two years, and the grant can be used as the start-up funds of a larger project.

The grant programme is open to design professionals, clients, scientists and educators, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations.

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