Iranian architect and artist Ziauddin Javid dies

Veteran Iranian architect Ziauddin Javid, who fused design with his nation’s culture and art, died on Friday due to cardiac arrest according to a statement issued by Iranian State News Agency.

Born in 1943 in the central city of Hamedan, he entered the School of Architecture and Fine Arts at the  University of Tehran in 1960.

In the first years of the university, he traveled to across the country to get familiar with Iran’s architecture and culture. He considered painting as a means to link poetry, culture and architecture.

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3 Responses to Iranian architect and artist Ziauddin Javid dies

  1. Forough Javid says:

    Ziauddin Javid , he died,he was my father, he was my brother , he was my hero,he will not die ,

  2. aidan.imanova says:

    Very sorry for your loss Forough!

  3. Forough Javid says:

    Ziauddin Javid ,or Ziadin Javid Iranian Architect mathematician , my y brother , he was born In Hamedan Iran 1943,I grew up with him under one blanket, early age we lost our parents, he was 10 years and I was 7 yeas old, despite of financial problem , at 10 he start drawing buildings and paint portraits to connect his math and science to create different paintings, at age of 17 he was accepted to Tehran University ,he was almost 20 years old he designed and building in Niavaran square 100 meter away from Nivaran Palace.
    He was connected to cultural architect of Iran ,local break ,pottery,rocks to make a building for people.
    I would like to share some those master piece of his art with you.
    Forough Javid

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