Iranian architect uses Islamic patterns to renovate Tehran’s Qods mosque

Iranian architect Arash Tehrani has proposed a design concept to renovate the Qods Mosque, located in one of the most crowded crossroads of Tehran, Iran.

The architect explained that “the current situation has a confounded landscape with several wrongly installed objects.”

He added: “The mosque consists of a tent-shaped building and an unfinished minaret. The client (Tehran Municipality) needed to remove the non-Islamic face of a pyramid mosque and also to renovate the urban landscape.”

The proposal presents a semi-transparent urban facade to partially cover the facility, as suggested by the Municipality. This would form the skyline of the mosque with a dome, gate, porch and a minaret, which work as traditional architectural objects.

This approach creates the feature of a multi-functional porch covered in Persian Islamic patterns. The repeated elements of the patterns are attributed to the artwork of the late Mahmoud Maheronnaghshan, a traditional Iranian architect and researcher.

“Porches could be seen in every city ad building in historic Iran,” said Tehrani. “These porches are one of the most important parts of the historic Persian mosque called ‘Ravagh’. Thus, they are placed for public service. This facade could also provide temporary book shows, be a place for religious ceremonies or even a shelter for an old woman to rest in the shadows during a day walk”


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