Italy unveils pavilion featuring air-purifying facade for Expo 2015

Italy has unveiled its permanent pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 featuring an air-cleaning façade designed by Rome-based studio Nemesi & Partners to resemble tree branches.

Palazzo Italia will comprise of a six-storey building with intricate lattice-work and according to the architects, conceived in “the image of a petrified forest”.

The plan is to create the façade using bespoke air-cleaning cement by material manufacturer Italcementi.

“In direct sunlight, the active principle contained in the material ‘captures’ certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts, helping to purify the atmosphere from smog,” the architects revealed in a statement.

The interior of the pavilion revolves around an open square, forming the start of the exhibition. Surrounded by four blocks, it will create exhibition and events spaces to the west and south, as well as offices and meeting rooms to the north and east.

Additionally, the building will have a vaulted roof made with steel beams and photovoltaic glass panels.

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