‘It’s necessary to have buildings that make you think,” says Christos Passas from ZHA

Christos Passas, associate director, Zaha Hadid Architects recently swept through Dubai to deliver a presentation on the Opus Tower.

“It’s very philosophical,” said Passas. “And it’s necessary to have buildings that make you think.

“They don’t always try to impress you or tell you ‘why’.  But it’s all about a sort of reflection and to make you put a bigger picture together. It’s another level of reality and communication.”

Passas confirmed that Zaha Hadid Architects aimed to design everything in the Opus Tower. Every element of the space will be synonymous with the Zaha Hadid style, and the firm is currently exploring material options for the interiors and furnishings.

“We’re investigating materials,” said Passas. “The Moon Sofas were simple versions of what we can do…but I think the more we get into it or understand the capabilities of the industry, the more we get into technology, the more we get into new materials like memory foams and fabrication techniques and 3D printing.”


For more on the Opus Tower, click here.

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