Japanese design studio create floating garden for Maison et Objet Paris

The Japanese design studio teamLab are back at Maison&Objet Paris, this time with an installation called Floating Flower Garden.

It encompasses a floating garden full with live flowers that float up and down in response to the movement of people in the space. It includes over 2,300 floating flowers.











“When a viewer gets close to this flower-filled space, the flowers close to the viewer rise upwards all at once, creating a hemispherical space with the viewer at its center. In other words, although the whole space is filled with flowers, a hemispherical space is constantly being created with the viewer at its center and the viewer is free to move around wherever they want.


“If many viewers get close to one another, the dome spaces link up to form one single space.
In this interactive floating flower garden viewers are immersed in flowers, and become completely one with the garden itself,” the designers explain.

‘Each flower has a partner insect and the scent of the flowers becomes stronger at the time that the insect is most active, as a result the scent of the air in the garden space changes according to the time of day, morning, noon, and evening.”


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