Karim Rashid to be keynote speaker at DesignMENA Summit 2014

Set for 8 December at the Ritz Carlton in DIFC, the second DesignMENA Summit looks forward to a much improved 2014 edition as design superstar Karim Rashid will be the keynote speaker.

Speaking on the future of design, Rashid’s lecture will address how the world is leaning ever increasingly toward visual stimulation and powerfully designed physical environments.

“I see the future of our aesthetic world crossing all the aesthetic disciplines so that design, art, architecture, fashion, food and music fuse together to increase our experiences and bring greater pleasure to our material and immaterial lives,” says Rashid.

“Our motivations should focus around our conscious collective memory and a desire to fill it with ideas that are seamless between art and life. I bring differentiation, innovation, and human needs and desires to companies– all necessary in business today, without this, brands will not survive in our shrinking global highly competitive market place.”

Following Rashid’s lecture will be an interview with the designer hosted by the event’s moderator Richard Dean.

The DesignMENA Summit 2014 agenda also includes a panel discussion on Dubai’s ‘suitcase culture’ and a case study review of the new Opus tower by Christos Passas, associate director, Zaha Hadid Architects.


To be involved in the DesignMENA Summit as a delegate, contact Amanda Elisha at amanda.elisha@itp.com.

For sponsorship opportunities, send an email to Teri Clarke at teri.clarke@itp.com.

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