Lelièvre signs with Jean Paul Gaultier

Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier have combined their creativity in a new licence for home decoration and fabrics.

The worlds of fashion and interior design have many common points and the creative teams of Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier have translated ideas from the world of haute couture to that of interior design.

A market leader for four generations, Lelièvre’s fabrics and collections are known worldwide.

“This collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier is designed to awaken the world of interior design and decoration with an avant-garde creativity normally reserved for haute couture,” said Emmanuel Lelièvre, managing director, Lelièvre.

The Jean Paul Gaultier by Lelièvre Collection comes in eight fabrics in a range of colours blending classicism with a playful eccentricity.

“I am only a couturier, my métier is fashion but I have instilled the spirit and motifs from my collections into these fabrics,” added Gaultier.


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