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In any home one of the most important aspects is the lighting, which can create an impact on the ambience and character of any interior – emphasising elements that are homely, engaging, stark or even isolated.

Functions of decorative illuminations, chandeliers, lamps and even spotlights all vary and use of the right combination can create a stunning ambiance, enabling the mood of any occasion – formal, social, intimate or reflective – to be complemented and enhanced by its surroundings.

The latest trend in domestic interior lighting focuses on the use of fixtures that can combine harmoniously with the architectural design of a home and increasingly popular are bulbs and fittings that can be dimmed – from pendants right through to table lamps.

Many modern dwellings feature high ceilings, so taller lighting fixtures have become the popular choice and when it comes to the materials being used, experts have also noticed a shift from resin and plastic to copper and brass. To create a clean and balanced look to any room symmetry is a key component.

So in recent fashions when it comes to the bedroom, bedside lamps, nightstands and coordinating accessories, pairs have become popular to provide a composed feel for surroundings.

A pair of metallic table lamps on each side of the bed is both attractive and practical – and for a real touch of grandeur an elegant crystal chandelier can act as the room’s primary light source.

From a flood of illumination to an intimate softer glow the room can change according to its occupants’ state-of-mind and feelings.

Remotely controlled pendant lamps suspended from the ceiling is a dramatic touch – and a good way of keeping the tops of cabinets free for other use.

When it comes to reading or working on the computer, task lighting is an increasingly popular option, with fixtures, such as table lamps and swing-arm lamps, all primarily used to illuminate a specific area or task.

Another trend is the trans-formation in the ways people use lighting in their kitchens and dining areas.
With developments in kitchen design tuck away devices such as fridges to give the best use of space many home owners prefer light tones to give an airy feel.

So recessed cans can be utilised as the main source of light and under-cabinet lighting set up to illuminate the areas where major tasks are performed.

The right lighting can bring elements of a home not apparent at first glance right to the fore – enabling a piece of art to be appreciated in the best possible way or focusing attention on a stylized item such as a floral display or a piece of sculpture.

The room’s fittings can also be bought into the sharpest possible focus, and features such as fireplaces and mirrors will also gain a greater impact – allowing personal statements in any interior to be highlighted and appreciated by everyone alike.

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