London architects proposes fluid Trade Centre building for China

A London-based architecture firm has revealed plans for a new Trade Centre in the Chinese city of  Zhengzhou.

Tonkin Liu is a partnership founded by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. In 2016 the firm won an international competition to design the Zhengzhou Trade Centre.

Dubbed “The Cradle Towers of Zhengzhou” the design is formed of five mixed residential, office and hotel towers that surround a retail and leisure podium.

The architects said: ”Hollowed out to form a ring, the podium forms a threshold between the city and a soft, sheltered landscape within.

“Vertical courtyards bring daylight into the deep plan at the base of the towers and establish vertical gardens up their inside faces.

“A fluid landscape spills out of the cradle and under the lifted podium ring, connecting the vast inner courtyard to the wider city sprawling beyond. At the peak of each tower a roof-top glass house simultaneously screens the mechanical plant floors and greens the skyline.”

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