Malaysian manufacturer releases headscarves made from recycled plastic bottles

The Malaysian manufacturer, Waste2Wear, is creating eco-friendly hijabs made from melted and discarded plastic bottles.

The chiffon-like material in each ‘Green Hijab’ is made from six recycled plastic bottles, reports The Green Prophet, and they come in three colours including violet, blue and green.

The bottles are first stripped of caps and labels before having all residue removed. Processed into flaked that are later transformed into small pellets, the material imitates polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. The pellets are then extruded into yarn.

The Green Hijab isn’t the company’s first step into environmentally-conscious fashion — Waste2Wear also produces garments like medical scrubs, spa robes and school uniforms. The company follows a made-to-order retail strategy, and encourages high-volume customers.

DesignMENA recently reported on other experimental fashion designs, like Adidas’ 3D printed shoes.



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