Monte Carlo Opera House-inspired theatre for UAE

Moscow-based Olympic City Group is considering setting up the first Russian Cultural Complex in the UAE, to include an opera and ballet theatre, museum, hotel, and apartments.

The design of the theatre has been inspired by the Monte-Carlo Opera House, and is already finished, according to a statement.

The Russian Cultural Complex is meant to house a grand theatre, equipped with the latest technology, to host various ballet performances and shows.

Mohammed Al Bloushi, UAE Ibiza director general, said work is underway on the details of the project, but added its location has not been decided, and said it will be either in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Details of the project’s location will be announced soon, he added.

The announcement was made during the second meeting held by the group with the UAE Ibiza Company in Dubai, during which the details of the proposed cultural project was discussed.

Aleksey Semenyachenko, Olympic City Group chairman, said the idea ties in with developing relations between the UAE and Russia, “especially after these relations witnessed a remarkable development over the past few years, specifically in economic and cultural fields.”

He added the project will try to introduce Russian culture to UAE residents through ballet dance performances and Russian art shows.

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2 Responses to Monte Carlo Opera House-inspired theatre for UAE

  1. Paula says:

    Hi, I’m trying to check their website, can you please give the contact or email address of Olympic City Group? Thanks!

  2. Devina Divecha says:

    Try contacting this number:

    Yousuf Al Taweel
    Account Manager
    SAHARA Communications
    PO Box: 73310 Dubai – UAE
    Tel: +971 4 3298996
    Fax: +971 4 3298995

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