Museum of the Future perfect fit for Dubai says Salim Hussain

Dubai is the right place to establish a museum looking at innovation in design, according to Middle East Architect of the Year Salim Hussain.

The architect, who works for Brewer Smith Brewer Gulf, spoke about the planned Museum of the Future, to be designed by Shaun Killa. Models of the proposed structure have been together by 3dr Models.

Hussain said: “Dubai is a place where new opportunities are actively sought out and developed – where better to look to the future?

“It is an interesting description by the architect – a solid mass to present the known present and a void to represent the unknown future. It looks quite elegant and will be interesting to see how this develops in the context of the towers that surround it and how the abstract nature of ‘future’ is finally represented.”

Hussain said he wanted to see the museum contain “anything that pushes the boundaries”

“This could be design or new discoveries in engineering, genetics, fashion – anything that can raise the level of debate for the UAE, the region and even the world,” he said.

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