Nominations are open for Commercial Interior Design Awards

Nominations are now open for the upcoming Commercial Interior Design Awards which is now in its ninth year and will be held on the 16th of September.

With a number of changes and additions, this year’s nominations deadline is set for 22 July and Commercial Interior Design is keen to get as many designers and projects involved as possible.

Some of the changes at this year’s awards include the Leisure and Entertainment category being split into two separate sections: Bars & Clubs and Food & Beverage.

There will also be an introduction to a new category: The International Project of the Year that will celebrate the success of work created by designers based in the Middle East for other parts of the world.

With an openness to more international work, AHEC will also be welcoming submissions from outside of the region with a requirement that the work is originated in the Middlle East.

Lastly, this year’s awards ceremony will be followed up by an official after party which will be taking place at the venue.

For nominations, visit

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Teri Clarke at

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