OMA beats BIG and Buro Ole Scheeren for Axel Springer office project

OMA’s winning proposal to expand the Berlin headquarters of multimedia company Axel Springer has beat off competition from BIG and Buro Ole Scheeren.

The firm’s concept featured a building comprising of a 30m-high atrium that integrates its interior to the existing Springer office building located next door.

The task for the project was to develop a structure that sets new standards in terms of internal atmosphere and room layout. OMA proposed a series of tiered floors that extend out to the external terraces.

Upon hearing about OMA’s triumph, Rem Koolhaas said: “It is a wonderful occasion to build in Berlin again, for a client who has mobalised architecture to help perform a radical change: a workplace in all its dimensions.”

“Rem Koolhaas drafted a building which only on second sight reveals its secret, architecturally formulating a new kind of collaborative working at its core,” said Regula Lüscher, director of the city’s urban development department.

She added: “The concept offers a strong symbolic force as it leads the course of the Berlin Wall diagonally through the building, thereby creating an atrium and spectacular interior, which addresses the unification of this city.”

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