Planned 20km Space Elevator would dwarf Burj Khalifa and Kingdom Tower

A Canadian company is planning to put Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – and even Saudi Arabia’s under-construction Kingdom Tower – in the shade.

Thoth Technology has designed a 20km-high tower that would carry astronauts up into space in a giant lift.

The plans for a “space elevator” have been approved by the US patent office, which granted the Ontario-based company the rights to a “pneumatically pressurised structure for location on a planetary surface”.

The tower would be more than 20 times the height of the 830m-tall Burj Khalifa, current tallest building in the world.

Thoth Technology said the freestanding structure would provide a new way to access space that required 30 per cent less fuel than a ground-launched conventional rocket. It said the tower would provide secondary functions including wind-energy generation, communications and tourism.

Canadian space company Thoth Technology said the 20km tower would make flying to outer space like “taking a passenger jet>

“Astronauts would ascend to 20 km by electrical elevator,” said Dr Brendan Quine, its inventor. “From the top of the tower, space planes will launch in a single stage to orbit, returning to the top of the tower for refueling and reflight.”

Though ascending 20km wouldn’t strictly take the lift’s passengers directly into outer space – considered to start around 100km up – it would be beyond the so-called 19km “Armstrong Limit”, the point where atmospheric pressure is so low that water within the human body starts to boil.


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3 Responses to Planned 20km Space Elevator would dwarf Burj Khalifa and Kingdom Tower

  1. Thomas D. Bohlen says:

    A 20 KM high free standing Pneumatically Pressurized Structure? I can’t even imagine the wind moment at the base of such a structure. The width to height ratio looks off the chart as well, based on the 3D image presented.
    I would be interested in seeing the structural analysis.

    Also, I guess an open air viewing platform will be out of the question, especially if your blood will boil at that height?

  2. JOHN says:

    It is a miracle if it is built. As a professional elevator man, I think this may promot the development breakthrough of elevator technology, also the tiding for skyscrappers building, I expect to view this giant step in both construction and elevator industry.

  3. Shahid Mahmood says:

    It will be an engineering miracle if constructed in actual.

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