Popularising BIM knowledge

Daniel Frawley is part of a new body called the Emirates BIM User Group which is aimed at introducing the software to those who have just started out in the business or wish to further their experience.

He said: “I have set up a user group to give people the chance to learn about what BIM offers, in co-operation with some of the universities in the region. The events we hold are intended to give skills to those on the ground. There is a similar scheme in operation in Australia called TalkBIM.

“The universities, in my opinion, do not really know how to deliver students who are ready for the workplace. That is why they have got involved with us. The subjects on a curriculum take two or three years to get approved and BIM is such a fast growing technology there are new developments every six months so clearly new ways of learning are necessary.”

Details of the group’s sessions can be obtained from danfrawley88@gmail.com.

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  1. Chandra Hampiholi says:

    Dear Dan,

    I wish to introduce myself as an experienced architect with expertise in CAD, BIM and Digital Design Tools. I was told by Mr. Siju Purath from Dubai, that there are some senior BIM postions available at Autodesk Middle East. I am currrently helping Schindler-Singapore to implement BIM in thier Design office and at the same time training the engineers and building professionals on the use of Revit to document Mega Projects at Singapore. I will be finishing my contract soon and am on the lookout for challenging oppurtunities in the middle east where by I can utilise my Autodesk strength either in the Design Studio or customer support. Appreciate if you can respond to my mail at your convinience, so that I can further discuss with you.

    A copy of my Resume can be downloaded from the following link :

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Chandra Hampiholi
    Mobile : +65 82383991

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