Pritzker-winning RCR Arcquitectes designs glass pavilion in Dubai’s financial district

2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize winners RCR Arquitectes has designed a glass pavilion in Dubai Financial District (DIFC).

Reminiscent of the architects’ first project in the region, the Muraba Residences in Palm Jumeirah, the pavilion comprises of three ‘floating’ glass fins that have been hand-crafted in the same architectural style as its first Dubai project.

Set in the heart of DIFC’s Gate Village Courtyard, the pavilion was commissioned by developers Muraba Properties and is open to the public until April 2018.

A series of three films by Italian filmmaker, Massimiliano Siccardi, will be screened on the glass surfaces of the pavilion.

The trio of cinematic pieces are together entitled ‘The White Tear Planet’, inspired by the word Muraba (meaning ‘watchtower’ in Arabic), the filmmaker and his team focused on how light brings the building to life, and how it has affected the overall design.

“Each of the films within “The White Tear Planet” unfolds around a central theme: the first is matter (substance), second geometries, and third artistic transposition. The series is above all, an emotional and dreamlike transposition of our encounter with Muraba,” said Siccardi.

“For our first film, the matter or substance concept reflects the discovery of this planet, how details transform into liquid that flows, transports us into the waters, the wind, through the palm trees that are perfectly silhouetted against the deep blue.”


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