Rem Koolhaas and Dasha Zhukova’s Moscow museum set to open in June

Set to open on June 12 is the latest project by Rem Koolhaas – a museum in Moscow, funded by billionaire Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich.

Architect firm OMA, working alongside Dasha Zhukova, art expert and wife of  Abramovich, completed a renovation of Moscow’s Vremena Goda restaurant, which is the new location for the Garage Center of Contemporary Culture.

The Koolhaas-designed Garage will see its decayed parts, such as a crumbling mosaic, as centerpieces within the building’s architecture.

“The building is basically a found object,” Koolhaas said regarding its run-down pillars and gaping holes in rooms which will house a huge collection of Russian art from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Zhukova said: “Rem likes to challenge the white-cube tradition of Western museums.The raw brick and broken tiles will be a more stimulating backdrop for art.

“I tried to find the pulse of the people. I found young Russians very knowledgeable about global culture, talking easily about art in Berlin, film in New York. Garage has become an outlet for that youthful energy.”

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