Reuters’ Paris office undergoes sleek renovation

Reuters enlisted the help of 16K Architects to refurbish the news agency’s Parisian office, turning the space into a modern oasis located inside the prominent Haussmann building.

The refurbishment covered various shared areas including the lobby, reception, boardroom, cafeteria, restaurant and central indoor garden.

16K Architects used HI-MACS solid surfaces to meet Reuters’ specific requirements, which requested that the remodelling should involve improved fire-resistant materials.

By using HI-MACS, 16K Architects designed high-performance communal areas that not only met the safety regulations, but also appealed aesthetically.

The curvilinear glossy, white seating pods located in the lobby evoke a bright oasis. The look and feel is further completed by the lush palm trees and surrounding earthy tones such as sandy beige.

HI-MACS is an up-and-coming company that manufactures modern surface material made from acrylic resin, natural pigments and aluminium hydroxide. The solid surfaces are known for their improved heat and scratch resistance, as well as their customisable capabilities.


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