Reverb Wire Chair designed by Brodie Neill at Milan Furniture Fair 2012

The Reverb Wire Chair designed by Brodie Neill and made by Marzorati Ronchetti will go on display at Milan Furniture Fair, April 16-22.

The piece is an ethereal chair that plays with the relationship between volumetric presence and structural lightness.

It has been produced in a limited edition of 20 pieces, for the Patrick Brillet Gallery.

The design is based on the form of a geometric vortex, a system made with steel rods that repeat to form a rhomboidal grid with openings of different sizes.

The gaps widen towards the outside, reaching the circumference in the same material, made with the same steel rod that closes the edge, while the openings get smaller towards the central fulcrum, where the tapering funnel-like space forms the seat and the support trunk of the chair.

Marzorati Ronchetti celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.


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