Revolving crystal ball planned for Qatar 2022

A huge spinning crystal ball containing a sports museum and shopping centre has been unveiled for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, reported Inhabitat.

The audacious project, ‘Crystal Ball-Light of the Future’, is designed by architects Vedran Pedišić of Sangrad and Erick Velasco Farerre.

Resting on a vertical axis and spinning on a spiral path, the crystal ball makes slow revolutions around the centre.

The exact status of the project is unclear at present.

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One Response to Revolving crystal ball planned for Qatar 2022

  1. Thom Bohlen says:

    Maybe one should reserve judgement until more information is revealed about this huge spinning “Crystal Ball” on the top of a sports Museum and Shopping Centre to be constructed in Qatar, but offhand I can say, “Why?” I think there are better and more sustainable ways to expend valuable resources than this. The “ball ” you could say, is in Qatar’s Court, for now.

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