Rock-carved desert stadium proposed for Al Ain

MZ Architects has designed a desert stadium in Al Ain which is dramatically carved into the site’s volcanic rock.

The Rock Stadium won the ‘Retail and Leisure Award’ at the MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards ceremony held in Cannes, France, on March 7th 2012.

The pitch of the stadium is sunken into the sand, providing a cooler condition for players and fans.

Inspired by ancient architecture, the project recalls Greek stadia that worked with the landscape.

The stadium is illuminated at night to allow evening games and provide a dramatic experience in the desert.


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One Response to Rock-carved desert stadium proposed for Al Ain

  1. Andrew Bannister says:

    Great idea and especially with it blending into the natural environment but i have a few questions…

    The rock will heat up in the daytime, cooling will be like… difficult as it will have to cool a huge heat sink….

    Parking ?

    I see no cooling equipment ? maybe its done via a distant chiller

    But nevertheless, I like it and hope to see it developed into a practical solution to the environment and local demands

    Andrew Bannister

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