Ron Arad unveils vases using Turkish glass-making techniques during Milan Design Week

London-based industrial designer Ron Arad has unveiled a set of vases created using Turkish glass-making techniques for glass brand Nude during Milan Design Week.

The glass vase collection, called Concentrics, includes a set of four vases that sit inside one another, forming a nest-like structure.

The collection, designed for the Turkish glass brand, was showcased in a baroque Milanese property, Palazzo Litta.

The vases are created using fluid shapes with that are decreasing in circumference and increasing in height which allows them to nestle inside one another.

Designed and developed over a course of seven months, the four vases are made from clear glass using a Turkish technique called ‘cesm-i bullbull’ which translates to ‘eye of the nightingale’ in Turkish. The glass-making process involves wrapping coloured glass rods around molten glass which in turn, create the swirling, diagonal stripe effect that is visible in the vases.

Skilled glass makers then blow the glass into steel moulds, ensuring that the coloured stripes on each vase are placed at opposing angles. This allows for a moire effect when the vases are stacked on top of one another.

Designed to be both functional and decorative pieces, the vases can be used singularly, as well as stacked and rotated to create different patterns and shapes.




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