Salon Architects proposes monolithic structure for new Istanbul City Museum

Turkish from Salon Architects has been chosen to design the new Istanbul City Museum for its monolithic proposal. The project will be located in Topkapi and will let the story of the city from the perspective of its citizens and visitors.

The low profile of the building allows views of the historic views located nearby. It encompasses a closed form and appears as if carved out of a solid mass, featuring large slits that have been embedded into the volume. The split forms the building and is speared with a pedestrian bridge, emulating the city’s typology which is separated by sea.

The building will feature courtyards, terrace garden and varied openings. The courtyards play an integral role I the circulation for both open-air exhibitions as well as creating a vibrant environment.

This layout is an interpretation of Istanbul’s history as a spiralling story that is illustrated in the circulation around the courtyard.

The first floor of the museum will feature permanent exhibition halls. It hovers above ground floor with wide cantilevered canopies, allowing the main mass to split from the ground.

A reinforced concrete system is for the underground level as well as in the cores. The steel composite system is used for the above ground floors to widen spaces and have fewer columns.

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