Schwitzke presents “The Open Retail Trail“ exhibition at Euroshop 2017

What does it require to implement the highest brand standards locally and globally? And how can you create a new generation of retail stores that focus on the consumer?

Displaying its own vision for successful future retail trading, Schwitzke group is currently presenting the exhibition “The Open Retail Trail“ at this year’s Euroshop.


Marina Home Interiors showroom in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai designed by Schwitzke

Its Dubai office has been behind the design of multiple successful retail concepts including CID Award winners – Marina Home Interiors showroom in Mall of the Emirates and Virgin Megastore in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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The Schwitzke exhibition at the Europshop 2017  is envisioned as a ‘walkthrough’ that takes the visitor on a retail journey, highlighting what trade concepts are needed for tomorrow’s retail experience and the possible outcomes that it presents. Thereby, the uniqueness of a brand and its relevance for today’s consumer are in the foreground throughout the concept.


Schwitzke’s Dubai office has won 2015 CID Interior Design of the Year: Retail Award for their Virgin Megastore project in Yas Mall.

These guiding principles are translated into interactive rooms that can be experienced using all the senses: Starting with ”One-of-a-kind Retail Stores“ and the “House of Brands“ to ”Storytelling“ and ”Luxury Design“ through to “Global Delivery“, ”Rollout“ and our ”Omnichannel“.


Each room encapsulates a brand’s characteristic and an experience while focusing on the consumer. In total, the ten rooms allow visitors to stop and contemplate different solutions within today’s retail environment.

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