Shepherd Design Studio creates pavilion inspired by Saudi architecture for Saudi Design Week

Shepherd Design Studio’s pavilion for Saudi Design Week is a response to local architecture in Saudi Arabia.

The project aims to create “a series of spatial configurations that aim to synthesize local polychrome frescoes, geometric configurations, and dynamism of space.”

“The mission is to create a space that explores the realm of design ‘in-transit’. The atrium/spine of the building would be a terminal, welcoming and departing visitors while reflecting the conceptual logic of incremental design,” the Bahrain-based studio explained.


“By exploring and referencing the necessary variables that form the urban, social, cultural, and historical characteristics of Saudi’s diverse districts, the floor plate would be activated through a unique spatial experience, making it a creative nexus. The environment is aided by the natural display of shadow, texture, and artificial light. A polychrome pallet, complimented by steel formwork, and fabric are potential components to be used as the language of the space,” the design team added.

Saudi Design Week will take place from 5-8 October, under the theme ‘Design in Motion’.

Dubai-based BIA Design has also created an installation for Saudi Design Week, focusing on petroleum. 

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