Size cuts for residential units should be compensated with better amenities, says Jonathan Ashmore of Anarchitect

During the advisory panel for the 2017 designMENA Summit, local architects and designers discussed the imminent issues and trends in the industry.

Jonathan Ashmore, founder of Anarchitect, commented on the evolution of the residential design sector, explaining that end user experience is becoming at the forefront for both developers and designers alike. This is spread heading mainly due to UAE residents now starting to settle in for the long term.

“I think looking at that and looking at the balance of available space and scale is obviously changing the market so scales of apartments are coming down and I think the scale of the over-sized villa will start to also follow suite very soon, where it will become more about looking at the hybrid of the house and outdoor space,” said Ashmore.

Ashmore explained that more so than ever, clients are beginning to understand the importance of using residential design not unlike hotels, satisfying both private space but also common areas and amenities.

“Lobbies and the entrances are not just a reception desk and a guy, it’s essentially taking a little bit of a hybrid from hotels, creating social spaces. Sometimes it’s a residence room or a library or sports spaces. Because for developers, they also have this challenge to be a little more unique to attract the buyer because the market is saturated and the costs are forever fluctuated,” he said.

“So I think rethinking residential, that can be done through the amenities and the common spaces in the buildings as the apartment spaces shrink, we can utilise more space into that.”

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