Spaceship-like sports centre opens in Luxembourg

A sports and leisure centre designed like a spaceship has opened in Luxembourg.

“Les Thermes” was created by a consortium of architects formed by Witry & Witry, Jim Clemes Architectes and Hermann & Valentiny et Associés.

The three-storey building includes swimming pools, sauna and fitness area and DuPont Tyvek was chosen to protect the principally wooden construction against condensation while providing a windproof and watertight barrier to external weather conditions.

The overall design of the centre is based on transparency, revealing much of the building and the diverse activities on offer.

The entire building is enclosed by glued laminated timber, which defines the rounded shape of the façade. The outer layer of the specialised wall construction is formed by aluminium shingle cladding, which incorporates the rounded shape emanating from the roof into the façade.

Timber engineers from Ochs GmbH in Kirchberg (Germany) undertook all roof, façade and interior construction work at the leisure centre.

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