Star names pay heartfelt tributes to Zaha Hadid

The world of design continues to pay tribute to architect Zaha Hadid who died aged 65 following a heart attack with Lord Norman Foster spoke about his friendship and admiration for the Iraqi-born designer.

Foster said: “I am devastated by the news of the loss of Zaha Hadid and cannot comprehend the enormity of her passing away. I became very close to her as a friend and colleague in parallel with my deep respect for her as an architect of immense stature and global significance.

“She was one of the very few architects as friends who was invited to my 80th birthday party in London last year. By a strange coincidence some days ago I received an email from one of her clients – someone she had designed a home for.

“With great pride he sent me about twenty pairs of images.  Each pair showed the visualization that Zaha presented and the reality as finally built.  It was a beautiful juxtaposition of what Zaha promised and what she delivered. I was so looking forward to sharing with her these intimate insights. Tragically that will never happen.

“I think it was Zaha’s triumph to go beyond the beautiful graphic visions of her sculptural approach to architecture into reality that so upset some of her critics. She was an individual of great courage, conviction and tenacity. it is rare to find these qualities tied to a free creative spirit. That is why her loss is so profound and her example so inspirational. And, besides, she was my dear friend.”

In 2014, Foster and Hadid’s firms were both chosen to design high-rise hotels in China for Dubai-based Jumeirah Group.

Other star names have paid tribute including her colleague at ZHA Patrik Schumacher who said: “We are all shocked and devastated that we lost Zaha today, a most beautiful Her colleague Individual, talent, leader and friend…many thanks to all of you who express their sympathy and share this moment of grief with me.”

Bjarke Ingels of BIG also voiced his thoughts: “We are all incredibly sad to hear about the loss of Zaha Hadid. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues. May she rest in peace.”

Jean Nouvel paid tribute saying:  “AJN presents its sincere condolences to Zaha Hadid’s relatives and teams for this cruel loss. Our sadness is immense Zaha Hadid Architects.”

Ma Yangsong of MAD Architects added: “My mentor Zaha Hadid’s life was an inspiring story of fighting for independence, equality and respect, while battling for progress and change. She loved and embraced the world with sensitivity and criticality.

“Many understood her bold determination and unequivocal perspective. Her stunning works captured the world as an optimistic and beautiful place, and enabled architecture to captivate new audiences. As her student 15 years ago, I was inspired and encouraged by her strengths and visions, and she will always continue to inspire both myself and everyone who experiences her work.”

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  1. Ayoub Oghanna / Architect says:

    Unfortunately Iraq will have only one of her masterpieces / Central Bank of Iraq, due to start 2017, she offered to design free of charge to help her Mother -Country , but the gangs ruling Iraq , as a bunch of ignorant, corrupt politicians , did not take her offer, not able to comprehend the historical significance of such projects to Baghdad as a city , Nebukhad nasr built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, as one of the Wonders of the World, but Zaha Hadid built many such Wonders of the World , therefore History also will make make her Immortal and Iraqi lost her Visionary Daughter < as the World Inspirational Architect too !!!..

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