Stiletto shaped bathtub on show at Dubai’s Downtown Design

Italian-based SICIS Art Mosaic Factory has designed a bathtub in the shape of a sky-high stiletto and dubbed it the “Audrey”.

Audrey’s sale price starts at $17,000, but comes in a platinum custom-made version that can go up to $41,000 – which would make it the most expensive bathtub in the world.

The luxurious shoe tubs are decorated in flowery and glitzy glass mosaic on the outside and acrylic and/or fiberglass on the inside.

Designed by Massimiliano Della Monaca , the bathtub is available in 12 colorful renditions and two different size options.

At the top of the dramatic 165cm heel is a water jet that gently trickles water to massage your shoulders. The entire exterior is covered in glass mosaic in a style that stands out from the rest of the traditional geometric shapes.

This item is one of many distinctive entries to Dubai’s Downtown Design fair taking place from October 28-31 at The Venue, Downtown Dubai.

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