Swiss Bureau completes office design for law firm

Swiss Bureau Interior Design has completed work on the interiors for Dubai-based law firm M / Advocates of Law.

The space reflects the distinctive characteristics of the company, fusing rigid lines which represent the justice system with curves to demonstrate the flexibility of the system.

The designers said one of the main challenges was placing the meeting room and the design of the pathways which leads to the main concept of the project.

The meeting room was to be placed towards the end of the office due to the view which would make force the client to pass through the entire office in order to get to the meeting room.

Therefore along the passage boundaries had to created between the clients and the employees.

Swiss Bureau’s solution was to place louvers were placed with a box created to house administrative staff, which turned the entire space into one unit.

The office features an exposed ceiling using a special plaster effect on the walls to reflect strength and creativity.

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