Swiss Bureau creates geometric interiors for Dubai art gallery

Swiss Bureau has completed the interior design and total fit out work for East Wing art gallery located in DIFC in Dubai, UAE.

The concept for the gallery begins from the outside, with vertical window slits created along the periphery walls in order to reflect transparency and spark the curiosity of the passers-by.

Evoking an intentionally minimal aesthetic, the purpose was to keep the interior as neutral as possible while using the art pieces are the central features of the design, with other subtle interior elements completing the space.

Angular walls were created to break the monotonous 90 degrees walls while simultaneously works as a means to direct visitors around the gallery.

There is also a breakout space with a library and a small seating area.

The walls are created with natural plaster which radiates warmth due to its textural properties and is, in addition, an uncommon and innovative material to use in an art gallery.

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