Cosentino presents Dektonhenge by Apparatu during Milan Design Week

The Cosentino Group presented during Milan Design Week 2016 the project Dektonhenge designed by Apparatu,an experimental project created by Xavier Mañosa, founder of the design studio Apparatu, which proposes a review of the origins of the ultra-compact Dekton surfaces.

Dektonhenge by Apparatu_2

Together with Cosentino’s R&D department, Mañosa puts the ultra-compact surface through a ductile and malleable process.

Dektonhenge by Apparatu_5

Working with Dekton as a raw material, he explains the transformation of the material from its liquid to solid states, working in the same way as working with ceramic. The aim of the ceramist is to discover new ways of working with Dekton.

Dektonhenge by Apparatu_7

Xavier selected a natural rock and digitalised its surface. From this he created pieces in different shapes and sizes so that each of them can later be artisanally moulded. The result of this experimental exercise is the ensemble of pieces of different shapes and sizes that make up Dektonhenge by Apparatu.







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