The Mercuric Tables by Zaha Hadid at the auction for the new Design Museum of London

Italian stone company Citco provided the Zaha Hadid Foundation with a set of Mercuric Tables in white Covelano marble, designed by Zaha Hadid in 2013, for an auction to benefit the new Design Museum of London.

CITCO_Mercuric tables_1

Thanks to its collaboration with Zaha Hadid, which began in 2012, the company has been able to produce creations, the result of a fascinating fusion of invention and expression.

CITCO_Mercuric tables_3

The Mercuric Tables are objects with an organic form that seem to have been shaped in clay, sinuous and polished like stones in rivers or on the seashore.

CITCO_Mercuric tables_2

The new Design Museum, slated to open to the public on 24 November 2016, will be one of the most important facilities for contemporary design and architecture, a creative centre with a focus on nurturing innovation while supporting the next generation of design talent.




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