Thomas Bene looking for creative partners for brand and design studio

Thomas Bene, a member of the Bene Group, an Austrian furniture manufacturing company, is leaving to set up a brand and design studio.

Bene gave up his position as head of marketing and portfolio on the board of management at the Bene AG Annual General Meeting this month.

He will form a newly founded agency as of August 1, 2011, a brand and design studio and is looking for creative partners who can develop and implement forward-looking ideas.

Services offered by the studio include consultancy, marketing and brand development, to establishing a platform for design, interior design and architecture.

“Through intensive contacts and my broad network in such sectors as interiors, fashion, art, music and entertainment, I have always personally been dedicated to projects that go beyond the horizons of the office furniture industry. That’s why I’ve been pursuing the desire to enhance my professional life with new stimuli from other creative industries,” he said.

“The time for these plans has come: Bene is picking up steam again after two turbulent years, and the Marketing and Portfolio department is on solid footing. In recent years, I have built up a team that works independently and self-sufficiently, offering me an excellent opportunity to pursue new challenges.

“The final decision for this step certainly did not come easy – even if I am only leaving Bene in my capacity as a member of the Management Board, and I will continue to be available to my colleagues and to my team with regards to content,” he added.

One example of Bene’s forward-looking ideas is PARCS, a furniture programme that tries to promote communication in a multifunctional way. Bene found the designers for the project, PearsonLloyd, in London in 2008.

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2 Responses to Thomas Bene looking for creative partners for brand and design studio

  1. Frederic J.Bekas says:

    Dear Thomas,
    I am open for a collobaration in the design of furniture,
    some of the bookshelves produced since 1989 are shown in my website:
    Looking forward to hear from you soon,
    Kind regards,
    Frederic Bekas

  2. n.designers llc says:

    Dear Mr. Bene,
    we’re interested in your Offer and would like to discuss further details & potential collaboration.
    for more info about our business & services, please feel free to visit our website thru:

    kindly note that n.designers projects are located in many cities around the world from KSA (Several cities), to Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Paris & London.

    awaiting for your feed back.

    Thank you & Regards,
    n.designers llc.

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