Turkish architects propose terraced market hall for residential area

Turkish studio Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects has proposed a combination market hall for the developing Sultangazi district of Istanbul, which until today lacks this important hub for the community.

The project, as well as the market, will feature a car park for the middle of the residential area. The terraced structure will hold adequate space for vendors during market days and will provide parking for the remainder of the week.

Due to the dense urban area, the building will rise vertically from the site. The architects have designed vehicle ramps between terraces at a gentle 8% incline, easily walk-able for most individuals.

The main purpose of the design was to create a focal point for the community therefore the market hall and car park will feature an enclosed public area to host social events, as well as educational and administrative facilities.

The top floor of the building will house a café and an observation deck, as well as a vegetated area as a solution to the lack of public parks and green spaces in the district.

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