UNStudio creates new lighting system for Zumtobel to improve public spaces after dark

Ben van Berkel, director of Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has created a new lighting system for Zumtobel, providing architects and lighting designers a task-specific illumination of paths, squares, roads and facades.


Aimed at improving the quality and safety of exterior spaces after dark, the modular system is designed to create environments for social activity, mobility and walkability.


Unnecessary light pollution is controlled through glare reduction and reduced light spill.


“Nightsight is inspired by the many variations possible in theatre lighting, The system enables spatial choreography through light and is primarily aimed at facilitating activity, enjoyment, engagement and social interaction in the public realm,” said van Berkel.


“Nightsight is a uniquely adaptable ‘toolbox of light’, which fuses the newest technology (such as our patented ‘Composite Beam’ optics) with consistent and integrative design quality. This enables very precise, multi-layered light solutions, which adapt to a given space and its changing context at different times of night – enriching the experience of those spaces,” said Peter J. Keill, Zumtobel.


Nightsight comprises a number of differently sized sets of LED luminaries which can be placed on street furniture or buildings, while the similarity in appearance of the units ensures unity in design.
In the near future the range will be extended to include a variety of additional luminaire formats that will cover broader applications.









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