Vertical garden for tower in Sri Lanka to be tallest in the world

Sri Lankan-based Milroy Perera Associates has collaborated with Maga Engineering for plans to create the world’s tallest residential vertical garden in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

Called the Clearpoint tower, it is planned to house 164 apartments across 46 floors. Planted terraces will surround complete structure and fed by “inbuilt self-sustaining watering systems.”

The architects said the tower will “be pioneering sustainable residences in Sri Lanka, with the aim of taking urban living forward while still maintaining a balance with nature and the surrounding environment, the main focus of the apartments being to create a sentiment of ground level living. Measures will be in place to reduce energy and water consumption, including the use of solar energy for communal spaces.”

“Solar panels installed on the roof will provide enough energy to power the common amenities such as public and lobby lights, elevators, the grey water recycling system, the sewage recycling system and other public utilities. Any excess power will be sold to the electricity grid using a net metering system,” the architects added.

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