Video: Benjamin Moore introduces “shadow” to Dubai audience as its colour of the year 2017

‘Shadow’ is the Colour of the Year 2017 selected by Benjamin Moore, North America’s paint and colour brand. A rich dark plum shade was unveiled last night to interior designers and media at an event called “Catch the Shadow”, hosted by Marina Home Interiors.


Light and shadow installation, featuring Shadow colour, at Marina Home Interior’s showroom.

Hellen Mullet, colour specialist at Benjamin Moore, shared her insights about the chosen colour palette, highlighting the correlation between an artist’s use of colour and light to create a mood.

BeFunky Collage

“Shadow was selected out of numerous deep dark, and rich colours that are emerging colours for 2017 and beyond. We always keep in mind home environment when choosing colour trends. Shadow is a beautiful violet, and depending on the light it is almost black in some cases,” said Mullett.

The Colour trends 2017 palette features 23 hues in total, ranging from muted pales to saturated, deep shades. According to Mullett, the selected colour card illustrates the use of colour in ways that celebrate how shadow and light travel throughout a space during the day.

“The 2017 palette starts with pale to saturated deep colours, but they are all warm colours that can work well together as well as separately,” she said.

Mullett recommended two more warm shades for hotel and F&B interiors – Dinner Party, a rich and sophisticated red and Grandfather Clock Brown.

“Lots of our colours are deep and saturated, but they are also warm and suitable for commercial spaces. Dinner Party is one of those colours that would be perfect for hospitality spaces, in dining areas or foyer. Grandfather Clock Brown is a warm brown and not expected in the colour palette, but it is this year. This warm brown adds comfort and timelessness,” she says.

Last year Benjamin Moore opened a shop-in-shop in the Marina Home Interiors flagship store in Al Barsha.

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