Video: House on the Cliff by GilBartolomé Architects

GilBartolomé Architects presented a beautiful and innovative house located in the Costa de Granada, on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartholomew, directors GilBartolomé Architects have designed the house, which is situated on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is the result of a private commission.


The clients, a young couple from Madrid, gambled by promoting housing in a difficult plot 42º tilt. The challenge was to get integrated in the beautiful landscape in a difficult plot, and interior spaces overlooking the sea and designed for the enjoyment of the good life architecture.


Innovative technical solutions used and the incorporation of traditional processes have reduced costs. Items such as furniture and housing, which are the stars of housing have been built by handcrafting processes after a complex design development that has incorporated digital definitions, computer simulation and development and use of innovative patents.





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