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There are a handful of new trends taking over the flooring market. One such trend is the growth of resilient flooring.

Dean Thompson, executive director of Resilient Floor Covering Institute said resilient flooring has gained market share over the last several years. “It is in particular capturing some share from more high-cost, labour intensive categories like ceramic and stone.”

He said that due to advancement in printing technologies, new organic-type visuals are being brought to the products. He used the example of Luxury Vinyl tiles(LVT) can now stimulate grout lines, tumbled edges and other details that mimic natural stone.

However, as with many other sectors in the industry, sustainability is still the overarching theme with commercial flooring. Most manufacturers of flooring and wall covering products have been eager to certify their products and introduce recycling products.

Another trend that’s hitting commercial circles is the demand for carpet tiles, becoming the commercial carpet of choice for countless architects and designers worldwide.

The carpet tile has many redeeming qualities such as its ease of installation; elimination of downtime in the workplace, as well as the creative freedom offered that has made this flooring product the number one choice in corporate environments. It has been a big hit mainly with multinational corporations due to its ease of shipping in contrast to broadloom.

Its popularity is boosting in the office sector since office layouts began being less defined by walls and partitions, where flooring can now be used to define collaborative workplaces by adding punches of colour in order to raise energy levels.

Looking back at LVT flooring, experts are seeing the product broadening its scope in the market by expanding into sectors such as education and healthcare. In accordance, manufacturers have begun improving the finishing levels of resilient flooring to reduce the amount of required maintenance.

LVT flooring also holds well in healthcare due to its no- wax properties, making it a product that’s easy to maintain.

Non- conventional materials are also making it into the flooring market including products such as the popular quartz tile. It is a durable material with numerous colour options that can be recycled.

Floor tiles are constantly being experimented with to find new solutions and uses, and currently even moving up to occupy walls. Thinner floor tiles are being manufactured for wall application as well as vertical surfaces that create a cohesive and seamless overall design.

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