“We are moving away from the ‘starchitect'” says Dubai Opera-designer Janus Rostock

The concept of the starchitect could be a thing of the past according to Atkins design directoe Janus Rostock – a key member of the team which designed the Dubai Opera House.

Its vernacular form is inspired by the traditional Arabic dhow, and local heritage is a theme going through the building.


The philosophy adopted by architects Atkins is one of co-operation, which according to  urban designer Janus Rostock could have an unexpected side effect.

He said: “The dhow idea came from a variety of workshops and while it changed, there was always a clarity of concept. If I was likening myself to a musical conductor it would be as if I was adding a little more from one section of the orchestra while toning it down elsewhere.

“I think we are moving away from the star architect – the notion that it is one guy doing all the drawings and going through to the final completion. That I think is a thing of the past and, in my opinion, the starchitect is no more.”

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