World’s first vertical cable car under construction in the UK

Construction is nearing completion on the British Airways i360, a 162m tower dubbed the “world’s first vertical cable car.”

Located on the beach in Brighton, the observation tower will offer views across the English Channel, the coastal Sussex landscape and the South Downs.

Marks Barfield Architects, the firm behind the London Eye, designed the structure.

It has an 18m glass pod enclosure that rings the tower and is designed to hold up 200 people at a time. It is due to open this summer.

French lift specialist Poma designed the pod’s drive mechanism and control system.

“The pod is completed and it looks stunning,” said Julia Barfield, one of the two co-founders of Marks Barfield Architects.

“The fluid form of the glass sits beautifully in its beachfront setting and the mirrored underside will cast reflections of the naturally shifting shapes of the sea and sky.”


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