Italian architect reveals design for solar powered mosque

Italian architect Paolo Venturella has proposed a design for a solar powered mosque in Pristina, capital of Kosovo.

Geometrically, it depicts a sphere that exudes outward from the wall, merging the two main elements of the mosque.

The prayer hall is divided into two separate rooms, accommodating a smaller area for praying during the week days and a larger space for Friday prayer and holidays.

Generating a circular intervention around the prayer hall, the shape of the envelope can be seen as a “double-skin”. It is made with a series of louvers, while the façade covered with thin photovoltaic film harvests energy for the mosque and other services.

The curved form guarantees a surface oriented to the sun during the daytime, optimising the radiation of the sun. The tilted shades avoid direct passage of sunlight, creating indirect illumination and allowing outside views.

The southern facing qibla wall acts as a greenhouse element, capturing heat and releasing it for the interior space during colder periods.


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