Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi

It’s the

most fascinating city in Middle East, it’s the most attractive and richest city all over the world: it’s Abu Dhabi with its many incredible skyscrapers all enlightened in the night and showing breathtaking games of water during the daytime.

Each single skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi comes from a powerful conception of space and art, techniques and social value. Actually, the list of all the Abu Dhabi skyscrapers that stand at least 100 meters tall includes architectural spires and details and gives this incredible Arabian city the world record prize for the highest number of skyscrapers.

First off, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and it’s built on a scorpion shape island in the Arabian gulf southwest of Dubai. Before its first contacts with the western world, Abu Dhabi was nothing more than a small village. Today things have greatly changed and Abu Dhabi is one of the most attractive metropolis with its harmonious blend of the most modern buildings with the traditional Arabian culture. The glassy skyline forms a backdrop for a city where plenty of mosques and shopping malls have their cultural reason to be there.

It’s a wonderful city where different elements from different worlds come in touch and give birth to a well made balance between new and old.

Abu Dhabi is the world capital city for the most modern and advances architecture. The most skilled engineers and architects at least once in their lifetime need to visit this city to really see what the human genre is capable to do with brick and cement.

Japanese architects have already signed their best skyscraper performance in the shape of buildings which show a waterfall all along the dozens floors from the terrace down to the lowest floor where all the water is gathered in a pool.

Not to mention another kind of original skyscraper made of 5 towers of over 300 meters in height which represents one of the top tallest building of the city. Abu Dhabi is also very famous for its many gambling facilities and casinos that are located all over the city ground.

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