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In this month’s feature, Victoria Redshaw and Shelley Pond, trend forecasters at Scarlet Opus, predict a bold urge to challenge and strike-out in new directions in 2013

Following the success of our involvement with INDEX over the past few years, we were delighted to be invited to speak at the international design exhibition again this year.

Preparations for another exciting programme are now well under way as we get ready to conduct our popular VIP Trend Tour, jam-packed full of valuable trend information and the best products and innovations from the show through the eyes of a trend forecaster. This is a snapshot of the best of the best the show has to offer – the perfect way to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

In addition, we’ll be presenting an inspiring trend seminar on Tuesday, October 25, at 1.30pm, where we’ll give a short introduction to the forecasting process we follow at Scarlet Opus.

Then we’ll be looking in detail at the International Interior Design and Colour Trends that we’ll see evolving through 2012 into 2013, with a particular focus on textiles but also including colours, materials, patterns and textures, shapes, surface finishes, and styling that will resonate with consumers over the next couple of years.

So in this month’s trend feature we want to share a sneak peek at some of the key trends we’ll be talking about next month. At Scarlet Opus we have forecast six Interior Trends for the A/W 2012/13 season. Here is a preview of things to come; We head towards 2013 with a sincere yearning to protect and preserve but also a bold urge to challenge and strike-out in new directions.

The past is as much of an inspiration as the future as we explore heritage, craft, folk, traditions, and ancient history together with innovative new techniques, materials, and technologies.

The seasons colours both challenge and soothe us: light radiates and cleanses us, colour spectrums surge forth and energise us, plastic brights and felted mid-tones fuse to intrigue us, stormy dark shades fascinate us, and marble-toned neutrals deliver deep serenity.

Aurora has an ice-cold, silent, very pure beauty. It is a well-being trend, reinforced by our growing obsession with health and clean air post-Japan’s nuclear meltdown. We continue to see biomimetics informing design as architects and designers look at microscopic medicine, biology and chemistry for form and structure.

Coloured spectrums of light bursts make up this palette in an ethereal mix of über pale tints and iridescent shimmer.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s eight metre-high installation, Rainbow Church, for in Seoul last year was made of 500 crystal prisms creating a spectacular space filled with spectrums of refracted light and colour. This dream-like project is a beautiful visual description of this trend.

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